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Pictures from the 2009 Isle of Man TT

Gittere Motorsports Inc. Teams Up with GEICO Powersports and Discovery HD Theater to Race the 2010 Isle of Man TT

Gittere Motorsports, Inc. has entered into a partnership with GEICO Powersports and Discovery HD Theater. This special partnership will see C.R. Gittere race in five of this year's historic Isle of Man TT solo events.

Discovery HD Theater will feature Gittere and the GEICO Powersports Suzuki's in special segments during their nine-part broadcast of the 2010 Isle of Man TT. "Fans can appreciate how unique the Isle of Man TT really is when they see it in high-definition," assures Gittere. "There is no other race like it in the world, and watching it in high-definition makes you feel like you're right there on the Island. I think the super slow-motion cameras they use really capture all the nuances that make the Isle of Man such a challenge."

This year is Gittere's second Isle of Man appearance. While he is relieved to have the daunting rookie year behind him, he admits that the 37.75-mile, 250-turn TT course is always a challenge for racers.

"The Isle of Man is a course you never stop learning. You could run there for twenty years and still learn new things," says Gittere. "I'm on my own equipment this year, unlike 2009. Being on my own equipment and riding bikes that I'm comfortable with will make a big difference. People from New York to California collaborated to make this happen for me," says Gittere. "We definitely wouldn't have been able to put this together without help from GEICO Powersports, Discovery HD Theater, and World of Powersports in Decatur, Illinois."

Marietta Motorsports owner Craig "Huey" Stuart has joined the team as crew chief. "I am really excited to have Huey making the trip with the rest of the crew this year," states Gittere. "The Isle of Man TT really beats a motorcycle up over the course of the fortnight and having someone as meticulous as Huey will really allow me to focus on the race track."

Fans can keep up with Gittere's experience at the Isle of Man TT through his website, Updates and links to onboard video footage with telemetry will be posted throughout the entire event so fans can come along for the ride.

Now that the GEICO Powersports Suzuki's are on their way to the Isle of Man, Gittere will soon follow for the start of practice on Saturday, May 29. The racing action begins on Saturday, June 5 with the Superbike race and concludes on Friday, June 11 with the historic Senior TT. Check your local listings or and tune in to Discovery HD Theater's nine-part Isle of Man TT broadcast beginning on Mondays later this summer.

Additional sponsors of the GEICO Powersports Suzuki GSX-R race bikes include World of Powersports, Leo Vince, Ohlins, TCX, Vortex, Pirelli, Pit- Bull, Arai, Motul, Held, Yoyodyne, Lee's Performance, Skidmarx, Streetfighters By Design, Pilot, BASF, AIM Sports, and Chicken Hawk Racing.

Rider: C.R. Gittere

Racing: 2000 - present

Motorcycle: Suzuki GSX-R 600

Family: Wife Jennifer

Residence: Charlotte, NC

Mission: To develop long term relationships with our sponsors, and help them obtain brand recognition and increase market share, by winning races and professionally representing their products on and off the racetrack